DCarbon is a Cairo-based company that specializes in climate change challenges. Egypt, along with world nations, is facing the urgent challenges of climate change and this decade will act as a major pivot towards sustainability in both the public and private sectors to achieve national and international objectives.

Our founders were the first and foremost consultants on the committee that drafted Egypt’s national INDCs (Intended National Determined Contributions) in which a thorough analysis and forecast of Egypt’s future were outlined; our nation’s commitments towards the Paris Conference on Climate Change in 2015 were based on the results of the INDCs report.

Our founders were also consultants to the Ministry of Planning during the making of Egypt’s Sustainable Development Strategy (ENSDS 2030). Hence, DCarbon is the only private firm that stands on a thorough understanding and awareness of international standards and our national abilities and realities.

As we were a major contributor to the planning and strategy making process here in Egypt, and using our unique base of experience and expertise, we now strive to be major players in translating such grave and urgent national goals and commitments into sustainable applications and practices across all sectors, public and private.