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Beyond the impacts of COVID-19 

Beyond the impacts of COVID-19

As the world continues to unravel the business impacts of COVID-19, we at DCarbon are committed to assisting our clients not only mitigate the risks but prepare for similar shock waves in the future.

As the leading sustainability consultancy in Egypt, DCarbon has focused on delivering sustained outcomes, embedding resilience and creating agile public and private organizations throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

Through our partnerships and with our clients, we strive to ensure that all our services including consulting, reporting, training and capacity building, digital solutions and sustainable event management highlight the challenges and opportunities that arose from COVID-19. Accordingly, our clients, not limited to, government entities, corporates and international organizations  have emerged stronger.

As a consultancy that prides itself for “driving sustainable transition”, DCarbon continues to be of assistance to  all its stakeholders in this “new normal”.

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“Leading & Managing Sustainable Transition”

DCarbon Egypt, a consulting firm specializing in sustainability and climate change. DCarbon services cover a wide range of activities covering; consultations, training, and capacity building, reporting, digital solutions, communication, and assurance services, to public and private corporations, international and local organizations, governmental authorities, and civil society organizations in the MENA, GCC, EU, and the USA.

DCarbon Egypt advises different sectors including, financial, industrial, telecom, ICT, Real Estate, health among others.

DCarbon is working with numerous international partners, a GRI certified training partner in Egypt, MENA and the Arab States, TCFD, and EPD supporter.

DCarbon Egypt is working on facilitating corporate and SMEs ESG & IMPACT INVESTMENTS in Egypt and the MENA.

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