Ahli United Bank Group (AUB)

PRB Report

Transformation for Impact.

DCarbon Egypt congratulates Ahli United Bank Group (AUB) on publishing its Second PRB Report. The Report covers a holistic impact assessment on its lending and investment portfolios.  The Group is witnessing a new milestone on the governance and business levels, where the bank is now setting the course towards an impact-based approach. This move is an essential expression of AUB’s institutional commitment to aligning with rising stakeholder concerns and a testament to itsongoing dedication to value creation. This year, AUB Group extended the impact assessment to cover AUB Bahrain’s, AUB Kuwait’s and AUB Egypt’s lending and investment portfolios.

To know more about AUB’s Second PRB report, kindly visit: https://www.ahliunited.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/AUBUNEP-FIReport2021.pdf

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