Certificate in Risk Management

Duration: 5 days sessions / 20 hours.

Certification : Certified By Anglia Ruskin University and Netherlands Center of Governance (NCG)

Instructor : Mr. Ahmed Kiswani – Program Director


Course Overview


  • Concepts and Terminology
  • Risk and Corporate Governance
  • Risk management with the overall business operating model
  • Basis of risk and control framework


  • This course has been designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed to understand and support enterprise wide risk management, and to promote best practices, and international standards that are aligned with business and regulatory requirements.
  • The course provides the skills needed to pass the professional exam.
  • This course is intended for professionals that want to understand risk to work as risk officers.
  • This course is designed for employers demanding qualified risk professionals
Training Outline
Learning Outcomes
  • You will learn the new international standards and best practices in risk management.
  • You can become a Certified Risk Professional. This is an advantage on your resume, serving as a third-party endorsement to your knowledge and experience. Certificates give the necessary assurance that you have the knowledge and skills to accept more responsibility in your organization.
  • You improve your resume in order to meet the new “fit and proper” requirements for managers and employees in risk management.
Who Should Attend ?
    • Heads of Compliance
    • Banking and Investment officers
    • Risk Professionals
    • Internal and External Auditors
    • Legal Personnel
    • Finance Managers
    • Business Consultants
    • Board Secretaries
    • Personnel and commissioners of governance regulators such as Central Banks, Capital Markets Authorities, Audit Bureaus, Ministries and other related government entities
    • Board members who need to add to their knowledge and understanding
    • Senior Management needs a greater understanding of the role and practicing Risk Management
    • All other people who are keen to add to their expertise in this important subject to enhance their career path
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