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Carbon Footprint Calculator (CFC)

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DCarbon CFP Calculator

DCarbon CFP Calculator is your basic tool to get a quick, rough estimate of your carbon footprint according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Our CFP Calculator is designed to estimate your footprint in three areas: energy consumption, transportation and waste. Insert your utility energy consumption (electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, propane), water consumption, Paper consumption and Waste generated to calculate your average CFP. DCarbon CFP Calculator is meant to help you visualize and understand the sources of your emissions, and accordingly act as a decision support tool, that assist decision makers in taking appropriate mitigation actions.

Simple STEPS for Calculations:

  1. Choose a Year to Calculate your carbon footprint for (eg. 2019), try to select a year where data needed are available, and that reflects the real full scope of your organization.
  2. Collect the below data before starting calculations.
  3. If your organization do not do certain activity ( enter zero), if your organization do the activity but the data is not available (please consult or enter zero), here the calculation will not be fully reflecting your carbon footprint.

Let’s Get Started

After your calculations, you will have a preliminary look on which areas to start your mitigation actions on

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