COP 28- Starts Now

UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties

Thu, Nov 30, 2023 – Tue, Dec 12, 2023

Location: Dubai, UAE

COP 27- Starts Now

UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties

 6 – 18 November 2022

Location: Sharm el-Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt

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Community Action Plan – Cop 27 CAP

Community Action Plan to Prepare for the COP on Climate Change in Sharm El Sheikh

Egypt’s hosting of the Conference of the Parties to Climate Change is a strategic global event that confirms Egypt’s position in the international community, especially since the phenomenon of Climate Change has become a catastrophe that afflicted everyone and should be dealt with seriously and effectively. Proceeding from our social responsibility regarding the contribution to the organization of this important event, DCarbon Egypt developed an initiative to contribute to the preparation and success of the conference.

This initiative stems from the need to mobilize all parties of society (the private sector, civil society organizations, youth, international organizations, and government institutions) through multiple tracks.

Before the COP

The first track: Awareness Development and Training:

Capacity building and awareness raising are the initial steps for the success of any project or initiative. Individuals and groups need to be aware of the current issue (Climate Change) and its implications on their daily life and to be taught the needed actions to mitigate that threat and adapt to its existence.

Guided by that aim, DCarbon started providing the programs and training sessions below and continues to develop new initiatives and partnerships that share the ethos of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement.

Firstly, DCarbon organized a series of training courses in collaboration with the Egyptian Stock Exchange to train companies and institutions on dealing with Climate Finance data and preparing Sustainability Reports.

Secondly, DCarbon is organizing several workshops in a number of Egypt’s governorates for youth and civil society organizations in cooperation with development partners to develop an awareness of Climate Change.

Thirdly, DCarbon will organize a preparatory conference in October in Alexandria / Athens in cooperation with the European Public Law Organization (EPLO) under the umbrella of Euro-Mediterranean collaboration – on the Circular Economy. Results of the activities carried out will be presented, and a message to the negotiators in the Conference of the Parties will be disseminated with the vision expected to be achieved during the negotiations.

The second track: Organizing Seminars:

In coordination with our partners, DCarbon will organize a series of seminars to raise expectations for the Conference of Parties in Sharm El-Sheikh and highlight the need for the private sector to exploit this conference to attract more foreign investments for economic projects in Egypt.

During the Conference

1- DCarbon will prepare a dedicated pavilion shared between all the partners joining the initiative to present the various activities according to their respective goals.50%


2- DCarbon will organize a side event dealing with the vision of Developing Countries on Climate Finance and the obstacles that partners face, preventing the flow of Climate Finance to Developing Countries.100%


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