The COP27 summit

UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties

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COP News

Pre – COP 27 Briefs

Cairo, Wednesday 1st June 2022

From Feb 2022 till 24th May 2022:-

Feb 2-3: Outcomes of COP 26 and overall priorities for 2022 – multilateral consultations with Group Chairs and Heads of Delegation

The first monthly multilateral consultation focused on the outcomes of COP 26 and overall priorities for 2022. The consultation revolved around three discussion questions to advance COP 27 outcomes based on COP 26 opportunities and obstacles. The questions were as follows:

1- What are your five main elements in the outcomes of COP 26?

Responses included the finalization of the Paris Agreement rulebook, adoption of the Glasgow Climate Pact, including a work programme on mitigation ambition, and the request to revisit and strengthen 2030 nationally determined contributions (NDCs) by the end of 2022 as necessary to align with the Paris Agreement temperature goal, and the inclusion of a reference to phasing down unabated coal use and phasing out inefficient fossil fuel subsidies.

2- What are your priorities for work in 2022 to build towards a successful COP 27?

The list of priorities included adaptation and loss and damage, finance, mitigation, Article 6, transparency, science and assessing progress, and engagement of observer organizations and non-Party stakeholders.

3- Despite ongoing challenging circumstances, how can we collectively build on COP 26 to maximize progress on our work this year?

Parties stated that to maximize progress, it is necessary to conduct in-person meetings complemented by informal virtual inter-sessional engagement, maintain the multi-layered approach to work, engage stakeholders, leverage other multilateral, international or regional processes, and work together.

Mar 8: Meeting of the COP/CMP/CMA Bureau

The Bureau meeting took place on Tuesday, 8 March, 18:00 – 20:00 (CET)

Mar 9: Adaptation – Multilateral consultations with Group Chairs and HODs                                                                   

The second multilateral consultation focused on adaptation with three discussion questions to enhance dialogue and generate insights for COP 27.

1- What needs to happen in 2022 and by COP 27 to make progress on adaptation? What outcomes at COP27 are needed to achieve that?

Parties highlighted the importance of following up on the key adaptation-related provisions of the decisions of the COP26 and CMA3, as well as the Glasgow Climate Pact, and of transitioning from planning to the implementation of adaptation. Additionally, for all major economies to submit revised NDCs in 2022 with ambitious targets for 2030 that align with the 1.5 temperature goal to lower the need for adaptation and finally, for progress to be made by the Adaptation Committee as an important input to progress on adaptation in 2022.

2- What are your expectations for the Glasgow – Sharm el-Sheikh work programme on the global goal on adaptation at COP 27 and beyond? What would an ambitious outcome look like?

Objectives for 2022 included a range of concerns such as common and region/area-specific vulnerabilities based on IPCC findings, national experiences, e.g., in putting in place relevant policies, and related common challenges and ways to overcome them; methodologies that can help to review progress (supported by work of the AC and the IPCC report) and the role of tipping points for adaptation.

3- How can NDCs, national adaptation plans, and adaptation communications support enhanced action on adaptation and a better understanding of progress on adaptation?

In this regard, some Parties underlined that Parties should be encouraged to support developing countries to formulate and subsequently implement their NAPs, Adaptation Communications, and NDCs, to communicate their priorities, needs, and progress in planning and implementing adaptation, and to share outstanding support needs and challenges as well as to enable learning.

Apr 12: Mitigation – Multilateral consultations with Group Chairs and HODs

The third multilateral consultation deliberated on mitigation priorities for 2022, and the expectations for the work programme boost mitigation ambition and implementation.

Part 1: Tuesday 12 April, 10.00 – 12.00 CEST

Part 2: Tuesday 12 April, 20:00 – 22:00 CEST

The consultation revolved around two discussion questions as follows,

1- What are your expectations on mitigation ambition and implementation?

2- What are your expectations on “the work programme to urgently scale up mitigation ambition and implementation in this critical decade”? What are your expectations for a successful outcome at SB 56 for the work programme discussion?

May 12-13: May Ministerial Meeting on Implementation

Assembling a group of Ministers with a good balance on various subjects, the Ministerial Meeting On the Implementation focused on accelerating the shift in political focus towards the implementation of key commitments and pledges.            The Ministerial Meeting agenda covered four principal themes as follows,

1- Adapting to climate impacts

2- Averting, minimizing, and addressing loss and damage

3- Reducing emissions and keeping 1.5C alive

4- Mobilizing finance

May 24 – Revised COP 27 Dates

The revised dates of the conference are 6 – 18 November 2022.

Climate Financing

Regarding the $100 billion goal (Green Climate Fund), this amount, after the ongoing negative effects on the global economy and the international trend to raise interest rates, in addition to high inflation rates, is no longer sufficient to achieve the aspirations of the international community to confront the effects of climate change, weather at the level of mitigation or adaptation, and it must be reconsidered in increasing this amount and relying on additional funding sources.