Digital ESG Performance Rating Tool

ESG performance evaluation is important for customers, investors, and other stakeholders.

” The emergence of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) frameworks, initiatives, and standards has grown, so has the awareness and demand for ESG data”. Consequently, organisations now adopt ESG criteria and evaluate their sustainability performance to leverage their ESG score and communicate their sustainability efforts to investors and other stakeholders.

Integrating ESG factors helps an organization to gain trust and reputation, comply with the increased regulations, and enable sustainable finance and responsible investments.

At DCarbon, we undertake the development of a unique and innovative digital ESG Performance Rating Tool, based on top-notch evaluation systems, which is ideal for investors, publicly traded and private companies, private equity, and asset development funds.

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The aim of this digital tool is to evaluate sustainability performance, enhance transparency, attract responsible investments, whilst also contributing to sustainable development.

DCarbon is proud to deliver you the most innovative sustainable solutions in cooperation with international partners with high-level experience in European and US ESG markets.