egyptVision2030Dr. Ehab Shalaby,  DCarbon’s founder and leading consultant,  was a member of the National Expert Group of Egypt’s National Sustainable Development Strategy 2030, Energy Pillar (ENSDS 2030):

Shalaby was among the team assigned with the duty to develop a strategic vision for the energy sector in Egypt for the year 2030. As a committee member, his duties were to review existing literature, reports and data on energy for sustainable development, propose the appropriate methodology and process for developing the energy sector vision and objectives among different stakeholders, assess current national and sectoral energy strategy and policy.

In addition, he conducted consultations with public, private and international experts, identified challenges as well as innovations and initiatives in the energy sector, proposed an institutional mechanism, identified the impact on energy policy on the three dimensions of sustainable development, and finally developed and reviewed KPIs of energy sectors and KPI Gaps.

The official Sustainable Development Strategy 2030 for Egypt can be found here