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Environmental and Carbon Footprint Specialist

Environmental and Carbon Footprint Specialist

Job Title: Environmental and Carbon Footprint Specialist


As an Environmental Carbon footprint Specialist, you will be responsible to:

  • Develop greenhouse gas inventories for organizations, projects, and products.
  • Prepare detailed carbon footprint report in accordance with the GHG Protocol, IPCC Standards, and ISO 14064-1:2018
  • Develop, oversee and drive the implementation carbon reduction projects and action plans for prospective clients.
  • Communicating, creating awareness and educating all stakeholders on carbon related matters
  • Development of a GHG mitigation plan (pollution prevention plan)
  • Monitoring impact of and responding to regulatory and policy issues in relation to climate change, environmental protection and resources in operating and market regions
  • Prepare proposals for new and existing clients
  • Prepare validation/verification report
  • Conduct Desk Review of the submitted information:
  • Verify the accuracy of collected information,
  • Confirm the sufficiency and appropriateness of gathered evidence


  • BSc in Engineering or related Environmental discipline
  • Excellent experience in Greenhouse Gas Accounting and understanding of Greenhouse Gas Accounting methodology and standards
  • 3-5 years of experience of either consulting towards GHG mitigation project development or validation/verification (audit) of GHG mitigation project.
  • Certified Energy Manager will be advantageous
  • Certified Carbon Manager will be advantageous
  • Carbon footprint Development Programme or the equivalent will be advantageous
  • Proficiency in English language communication skills, and strong numeracy skills
  • Experience in technical disciplines
  • Proficient use of Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel
  • Project management experience
  • Cross functional discipline experience



Job Code: DCarbon-D15
Job Type: Full Time
Job Status: Open

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