Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Let’s Get your Product’s Type III Environmental Declaration Ecolabel Done.

From Green Allegations to Verified Assertations

The Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) is your way to present the results of a life cycle assessment (LCA) carried out on your products/services to quantify their environmental impacts.  EPD (also called Type III environmental declaration according to ISO Standard) is a transparent document about your products or services that should be verified by an independent third party as regulated by ISO 14025. EPD information enables prospective customers to check whether the environmental attributes of your products or services meet their expectations and enables the green credentials of competing products to be compared.

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Step 1: Selecting EPD Program and PCR

International ISO Type III declarations require an independent agency, called the Program Operator, to oversee the full EPD development process in accordance with ISO 14025 guidelines. Each Program Operator publishes a general instruction for the EPD Program. The EPD program includes the basic process and procedures for the development of Product Category Rules (PCRs) and EPDs within its program. According to ISO 14025 the PCR is defined as a “set of specific rules, requirements, and guidelines for developing Type III environmental product declarations for one or more product categories.”

We will support you in identifying the appropriate EPD Program and guide your team in finding the correct PCR for your products or services and make sure that it will be valid at the time of the verification. A product PCR is a document that provides rules, LCA requirements, and guidelines for developing its EPD. If a PCR does not exist for the product category of interest, we can assist in its development process via communicating the suitable Program Operators.

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