DCarbon’s ESG Score is designed to transparently and objectively measure a company’s performance throughout the three ESG pillars (environmental, social, and governance). Companies are assessed against a standard set of universal and local ESG topics as well as industry-specific topics.

1) Scoping and Data Collection

Data is retrieved from numerous sources, like the company’s public disclosures, company engagement.

2) ESG Research and Assessment

Data collected are revised against relevant ESG scoring model. The ESG Scoring Model, which is sector-tailored and country–specific, to develop an initial score is .

3) Quality Assurance

Initial scores are reviewed by sector-specific experts, and investigation for any missing or vague data is conducted to produce a final score.

4) Final Score report

The final ESG Corporate’s Score report will then made available to the assessed company. We also provide a summary score report, summary evaluation report, and detailed report, upon request.

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