Carbon Footprint Report

A carbon footprint report is important to measure, monitor, and reduce carbon emissions, strengthen disclosure and improve governance on sustainability and climate-related issues. Depending on your purpose of CFP Reporting, we will support you in identifying and selecting the most suitable CFP Standard. The Carbon Footprint Report will include, but not limited to, the following main sections:

  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • Company Carbon Footprint
  • Boundaries and Scope
  • Methodology of Report Development
  • Detailed Emissions Calculations

Our Services 


Analyze the CFP Inventory results and identify the Carbon emissions hotspots along the product /service life cycle


Pinpoint the possible reasons for these hot spots; and figuring out possible approaches to mitigate and manage these emissions


The last stage in the CFP consultancy service is to prepare the CFP Report that meets the requirements of the standards. We will support you in reporting the results to all stakeholders

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