ESG Assessment & Gap analysis

DCarbon Consultants conduct an initial sustainability/ESG assessment and gap analysis that offers to your organisation the following benefits:

  • Gain an overview about how well you perform compared to other peers
  • Identify performance gaps and areas for improvement
  • Develop a standardized set of ESG processes and metrics
STEP 1: Sustainability Assessment & International Benchmarking

We will conduct an in-depth desk review of your policies, strategies, publicly available data, and relevant international benchmarks to compare your business performance against these benchmarks, including sustainability frameworks, principles, and standards, as well as global commitments to universal conventions and agreements adopted by peers globally.

STEP 2: Sustainability Assessment & National Benchmarking

Then, we will continue with a holistic desk review of national strategies, laws and regulations, as well as recently adopted compliance requirements by regulators that are relevant to your organisation to identify where alignment shall be achieved.

STEP 3: Gap Analysis Report

Based on the findings of the sustainability assessment and benchmarking, we will develop a Gap Analysis report. The purpose of this Report is to assess and benchmark your current organisational and investment portfolio status and therefore, your overall compliance with evolving market standards and requirements, as well as international and national best practices.

The output of this Report is the identification of gaps and improvement areas needed in your strategy, governance, policies, and management procedures, along with monitoring and reporting processes to optimize your entire sustainability profile and strategic and operational performance management.

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