ESG Governance Structure

It is widely believed that the most important pillar of the “ESG” equation is the “G” (Governance) pillar. A well-defined sustainability governance framework is crucial to ensure the strong and effective integration, implementation, and monitoring of an organisation’s sustainability strategy and overall performance.

A robust ESG governance structure benefits a financial institution in safeguarding the effective integration of ESG factors at all management levels and functions in alignment with national and international ESG/Sustainability frameworks and initiatives, while serving the organization’s purpose and vision, as well as meeting all stakeholders’ interests.

For this reason, FIs are currently establishing a holistic ESG governance structure within their organizations and integrating ESG considerations in their governance practices, internal policies, and procedures.

Our Services 

We will support you to develop codes of conduct, policies and procedures that meet your stakeholders’ expectations and ensure responsible governance

We will support you to develop a leadership mandate, upon the Board’s approval, which is highly important to establish an agile governance structure, assign specific roles and responsibilities to team members, and proceed with the relevant establishment of the responsible functions within the organisation for the sustainability strategy and policy implementation, monitoring, and evaluation

We will examine all legal requirements, company policies, and industry or voluntary codes to assess your compliance status, and potential improvement areas

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