ESG Reporting, Communication, and Assurance

Sustainability reporting reflects transparency and strengthens your brand image towards stakeholders. By disclosing ESG data according to global frameworks, you comply with the current standards in global financial markets as investors and stock exchanges seek more transparency and ESG data consistency.

DCarbon, as a GRI-certified training partner in Egypt and a member of the GRI Gold Community, has a long track record in developing sustainability reports in accordance with the GRI Standards, the most widely used and trusted reporting standards by top corporations worldwide and nationwide recommended by the Egyptian Stock Exchange.

Accordingly, we can develop your sustainability report to:

i) Help your business maximize long-term organizational value

ii) Show resilient performance to investors, lenders and other stakeholders,

iii) Build trust and strong engagement with your stakeholders.

Our Support


Internationally, GRI-certified training on sustainability reporting & the GRI Standards for relevant departments.

Materiality Assessment

Identify key economic, governance, social and environmental issues that are material to both the organization and the stakeholders to decide on the management approach for these issues.

Stakeholder Mapping & Engagement

Identify and assess the relevant requirements of all your stakeholders.

Economic, Environmental and Social KPIs

Use KPIs to monitor the Organization’s progress in the economic, social and environmental material issues.

Apply Best Practices

Review your current reporting against best practices, identify operational improvements and move it beyond compliance to include future-looking analysis and strategy.


Verify and certify your data against social and environmental benchmarks in line with market standards like the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) & AA1000.


Provide independent assurance of the data in your sustainability report to gain stakeholders’ trust.

Benefits of ESG Reporting in accordance with international ESG Frameworks & Standards
  • Assess and benchmark your organization’s ESG performance according to international standards
  • Identify material issues that affect your organisation and stakeholders
  • Enhance Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) setting, measuring, and monitoring
  • Assist your organisation in strategy, vision, and ESG data collection
  • Provide transparent and consistent reporting to internal stakeholders (BoD, shareholders, employees)
  • Enhance reputation and build trust to access finance and foster partnerships
  • Meet disclosure requirements risen by regulators, investors, and international financial institutions
  • Communicate your organisation’s ESG impact to all stakeholder categories
  • Strengthen stakeholder engagement processes
  • Promote transparency and ESG disclosure practices in the financial sector

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