ESG Strategy and Policy Development

Facing the transition to a sustainable economy, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues have become a priority in the Board’s agenda of financial institutions (FIs).

The benefits of an integrated ESG strategy for FIs include their ability to identify and manage exposure to material ESG risks, provide evidence to the top management of how these ESG factors can affect the investment decisions in the FIs’ portfolio as well as the interests of all stakeholders.

DCarbon will help you embed ESG into your strategic planning, internal policies, and lending/investment processes and set new transformational goals towards sustainable growth and profitability.

Our Services

  • Stage 1:we will identify key material issues to be addressed to attain a sustainable business model.

  • Stage 2:For the prioritization process, we will define short and long-term priorities to address gaps, risks, and leverage new market opportunities for business growth.

  • Stage 3:For the strategy and policy development, we will form a sustainability map to execute the strategy and policy.

  • Stage 4:For the implementation process, we will incorporate and align sustainability principles with strategic goals into all management levels.

  • Stage 5:For the strategy and policy application and evaluation, we will develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), initiatives, and measurable targets to monitor and evaluate progress.

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