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 GRI Standards Certified Sustainability Reporting Training Programme

Our GRI Standards Certified Sustainability Reporting Training Programme is aiming at providing the fundamental principles and methodological framework of the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards. It addresses all types of organizations, both public and private sector, and across all levels within the organizations.

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) sustainability reporting framework is the most trusted and widely used sustainability framework in the world. The GRI Standards are used universally to measure and report on economic, environmental, and social performance. Thousands of companies and organizations of different sizes and industries apply GRI’s guidelines as an integral part of their core strategies to scale up their positive impact and value. The training program is provided by DCarbon, the only GRI Certified training partner in Egypt.

Who Should Attend?

Key decision makers who mandate and/or approve sustainability reports on behalf of their organizations

CFOs, internal auditors, regulatory agencies and investors as part of their role in Sustainability Governance

Managers who are in charge of material data collection and managing the implementation of sustainability practices

Head of Departments overseeing the implementation of Sustainability Practices across all business sectors

Training Outline

Part I – Introduction to Sustainability
  • Sustainable Development
  • Sustainability Reporting
Part II – GRI Standards Methodology
  • Introduction to GRI Standards
  • How to use the GRI Standards
  • Other standards and frameworks
  • Universal standards (GRI 101, GRI 102, GRI 103)
  • Topic-specific standards
  • Applying the Reporting Principles
  • Reporting general disclosures


Dr. Ehab Shalaby,

Chairman and CEO of DCarbon Egypt, GRI-certified trainer

Duration: 2 days/16 hours

Internationally recognised GRI-Certified Training Program Certificate

Part III – GRI Standards in practice
  • Identifying material topics and boundaries
  • Reporting material topics
  • Reporting In accordance
  • Presenting and compiling information
Part II – Workshop
  • GRI Support Suite
  • Case studies
  • Useful resources
  • Evaluation
Learning Outcomes

An internationally recognized certificate issued by the GRI

A comprehensive experience and access to experts with rich academic and professional experience in sustainability and climate change

An invitation to become a member of the DCarbon Sustainability Community

Additional discounts for other training courses organized by DCarbon

About the Instructor

Dr. Ehab Shalaby: 

Received his MSc and Ph.D. from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University, and the Free University of Berlin.

Ehab Shalaby is a certified quality education manager, with more than 20 years of teaching experience as a full-time lecture, visiting lecturer among many universities. Currently, he is a lecturer at the Maastricht School of Management MBA program.

Ehab Shalaby is certified sustainability reporting professional & trainer from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Until 2021, Shalaby has trained and certified more than 300 sustainability ambassadors in the public and private sectors and across different sectors. Among others, his consultation experience includes developing sustainable development strategies, system building, designing institutional frameworks for the banking, telecom, FMCG, ICT, and oil and gas sector, petrochemicals, and health sector. His familiarity with data ecosystems on the environmental, social, and economic systems stems from his experience in preparation of these reports which covers the three dimensions of SD. Shalaby is the founder and CEO of DCarbon Egypt, the only GRI certified training partner in Egypt and a member of the golden community, and an official TCFD supporter. Shalaby is the lead project manager of the law and sustainable development conference founded in 2015, a national conference hosting from 500-1000 participants annually discussing issues related to law business and sustainable development.

In 2020, Shalaby organised and managed an online conference, “Law Business and Sustainable Development”, where more than 500 participants through 25 virtual webinars discussed major legal sector responses and best practices facing Covid-19. The conference was organised with several national, regional, and international partners.

Executive Training Programme on ESG & Sustainable Finance

The Executive Training Programme on ESG & Sustainable Finance provides the participants with the necessary practical knowledge and managerial steps to integrate the principles of sustainable finance, develop sustainable finance products and services, as well as attract and mobilize sustainable finance and investments. The Programme includes 10 comprehensive training modules, covering the main frameworks, standards, initiatives, and trends in sustainable finance as well as major regulatory and market developments in the industry in Europe, as a major investment and trade partner of Egypt, as well as in the US, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

This Executive Training Programme is a preparatory course to take the Certificate in Green and Sustainable Finance, and earn the professional accreditation: Green and Sustainable Finance Professional ™, as one of the most prominent and credible professional certifications and accreditation in the field of sustainable finance offered exclusively by the Chartered Banker Institute, the largest professional body for bankers in the UK.

The Programme addresses the whole financial ecosystem, and it is complemented by introducing sustainable investment strategies, along with global and national best practices and insights on ESG, sustainable business, banking, and finance. A separate module is dedicated to the sustainable finance profession.

Who Should Attend?

All financial services professionals globally who wish to develop and demonstrate their knowledge and expertise of Green and Sustainable Finance.

Broad financial services sector coverage, including bankers, insurers, investment managers, central bankers and regulators, risk managers, analysts and consultants.

No prior knowledge of the green and sustainable finance sector is required.

Training Modules
    1. Sustainable Finance – Introduction and Framework
    2. Trends and Developments in Sustainable Finance
    3. Sustainable Finance Regulations
    4. The EU Sustainable Finance Framework
    5. Sustainable Finance Initiatives, Frameworks & Standards
    6. The Sustainable Finance Industry and Business Ecosystem
    7. Sustainable Investment Strategies
    8. Sustainable Finance Products
    9. The Sustainable Finance Profession
    10. National Case Studies & Best Practices
Learning Content

The 3-day Programme includes:

    • 10 interactive learning units and knowledge checks
    • 3 workshops divided into different working groups to practice on 5 real case studies about sustainable finance in the banking sector
    • More than 400 slides of training material for each participant
    • A 15-page Workbook for each participant


Mr. Michael Spanos, Founding and Managing Director of Global Sustain Group, Green and Sustainable Finance Professional ™

Duration: 3 days/18 hours

-Certificate of Attendance by DCarbon and Global Sustain Group

-Certificate in Green and Sustainable Finance by the Chartered Banker Institute and professional accreditation as a Green and Sustainable Finance Professional ™ -after you enroll and pass the online exam-

Learning Outcomes

Prepare the learner to take the online exam of the Green and Sustainable Finance Certificate and earn the professional accreditation: Green and Sustainable Finance Professional ™, offered exclusively by the Chartered Banker Institute, the largest professional body for bankers in the UK.

Develop the learner’s knowledge, understanding, and skills relating to green and sustainable finance

Increase the learner’s knowledge and understanding of the range of green and sustainable products and services in the banking, investment, and insurance sectors

Increase awareness of the role of the finance sector and finance professionals in supporting the transition to a low-carbon world

About the Instructor

Mr. Michael Spanos, MBA

Michael is the Founder, Chairman, and Managing Director of Global Sustain Group, an Expert Advisor to the European Commission on the Sustainable Development Goals, an AHC Group Senior Associate (USA), a former member of the secretariat of the UN Global Compact Network and current Advisory Board member of the CEO Clubs in Greece and Stakeholder Advisory Council of FMC Corp (USA).

He presents in international events and produces global ESG publications collaborating with PRI, Global Compact, GRI, European Commission, and Parliament. He has held senior positions in investments and in ICAP Group Rating Agency.

Michael is also a visiting lecturer at the International MBA Programme of the Athens University of Economics and Business and the Cyprus International Institute of Management. He holds an MBA and a diploma in Production Engineering and Management and is an accredited Green and Sustainable Finance Professional ™.

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