The strategic partnership formalizes shared objectives to act as a catalyst for Decarbonization through an ambitious decarbonization fully integrated roadmap for the global cement industry.

Cairo, Egypt – July 26, 2022 – DCarbon Egypt and EPD-today Egypt have signed a strategic partnership with A³&CO.® to collaborate on efforts of both parties to promote implementation of climate action, in particular decarbonization, to support the cement industry globally in the move towards achieving net zero emission.

A³&CO.®, welcomed this strategic partnership addressing key sustainability challenges faced by cement producers are today; accounted for 30% of total CO2 of Egypt footprint. combining the know-how and capabilities of A³&CO.® and DCarbon to present solid roadmap in the areas of green transition, circular economy, and net zero.

Eng. Amr A. Nader, the Chief Executive Officer of A³&CO.®, commented on the collaboration: “We are pleased to partner with DCarbon Egypt and EPD-EGYPT as we continue to build and expand our collaboration framework on climate action, including through MENA Cement Decarbonization Roadmap with WCA. We recognize the important role cement industry can play in supporting low carbon transition; as cement producers want to remain competitive they need to take action on environmental, social and governance sustainability in their value chain.

Dr. Ehab Shalaby, Chairman of DCarbon Egypt, commented: “This collaboration with A³&CO.® comes to serve DCarbon vision and strategy “Driving and Managing Sustainable Transitions”. Transition to low carbon economy by decoupling economic growth and profitability from climate emissions is indispensable precondition for any development to be sustainable.  Partnering with A³&CO® and EPD-EGYPT will support DCarbon Initiatives to act as C2D (Catalysis to Decarbonization).   ” We look forward to the fruitful collaboration with A³&CO.® in this joint mission.”

Dr. Nasser Ayoub, the Chief Executive Officer of EPD-EGYPT, commented: “This collaboration will be backing our strategy in supporting the industrial sector with relevant, verified and easy to understand information regarding the Environmental Footprint of the Products pushing the mitigation plans to reach the global climate targets.

The collaboration initiated a new value chain to the industry and specifically the cement industry to quantify and to support the carbon emission reductions, and carbon free operations.

About A³&CO.®

Founded in UAE, A³&CO.® is a manufacturing consulting company, with a focus on cement sector, operates across MENA and internationally. A³&CO.® offers a unique concept of consulting services backed by successful implemented solutions though the end-to-end cement value chain

For detailed information click here to explore A³&CO.®. services portfolio

About DCarbon©

DCarbon Egypt, is a consulting firm specializing in sustainability and climate change. DCarbon works with Government IO’s, public and private corporates. DCarbon provides a wide range of services covering consultations, training, capacity building, reporting, digital solutions, communications, and assurance services across sectors including financial, industrial, telecom, ICT, Real Estate, Healthcare in the MENA, GCC, EU and the USA.

DCarbon is working with numerous international partners, a GRI certified training partner in Egypt and MENA region, TCFD supporter. DCarbon is working on facilitating corporate and SMEs ESG & IMPACT INVESTMENTS in Egypt and the MENA region.  click here to explore DCarbon services


EPD-EGYPT is a part of the global service network of the International EPD System® for the registration and publication of Environmental Products Declarations (EPDs), in addition to other supplemental environmental communication services, such as but not limited to, Carbon Footprint Declarations (CFP). Also, the EPD Egypt training academy is very arranging specialized training on developing Life Cycle Assessment, EPD and Carbon Footprint Reports.

The International EPD System is the world’s first and longest operational EPD programme, originally founded in 1998 as the Swedish EPD System by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) and industry. click here to explore EPD-EGYPT services

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