Life Cycle Assessment Training

A Life-Cycle approach can upscale your efficiency    

Duration:  3 days/ 18 hours

Certification : Life Cycle Assessment Certificate of completion from Dcarbon

Dr. Nasser Ayoub Professor and Senior Environmental Consultant, Certified LCAP, GSAS-CGP

Course Overview

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) training program introduces to participants the basic concepts of applying Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) standardized methodology and its relation to several topics such as sustainability, environmental systems and environmental inputs and outputs.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a leading ISO-compliant method that evaluates environmental impacts associated with the overall product’s life cycle, covering all life stages, from raw materials extraction, manufacturing, production, distribution, use and disposal. LCA is also used to optimize production systems, for example the product design, R&D, the resource allocation and the selection of technologies.

With LCA, companies ensure corporate credibility, and provide decision-makers, stakeholders and consumers with reliable and transparent data regarding their goods and services. Hence, LCA benefits both business competitiveness and environmental performance aiming at a better and sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Training Outline
Learning Outcomes
  • A recognized certificate issued by DCarbon Training Academy
  • A comprehensive experience and access to experts with rich academic and professional experience in Energy Conservation, Environmental Benign Bioenergy Supply chains, Waste Management, Life Cycle Assessment, Environmental Policy Analysis, Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Emergency
  • An invitation to become a member of the DCarbon Sustainability Community
Who Should Attend ?
  • This training program is aiming at providing the fundamental principles and methodological framework of Life Cycle Assessment to the interested technical and non-technical participants from academia and industries, such as Energy, Construction and Engineering, Manufacturing, F&B and Agribusiness. The following positions are welcomed to attend this training:
    • Sustainability Managers
    • Production Managers
    • Operation Managers
    • HSE Managers
    • Human Resources Managers
    • Research and Development experts
    • Researchers
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