Lifecycle Assessment & Environmental Product Declaration Training

A Life-Cycle approach can upscale your efficiency    

Duration:  3 days/ 18 hours

Certification : Life Cycle Assessment Certificate of completion from Dcarbon

Dr. Nasser Ayoub Professor and Senior Environmental Consultant, Certified LCAP, GSAS-CGP

Training Overview

Introducing the life cycle assessment (LCA) which is the assessment of potential environmental impacts associated with a product, a process, or a system, along its life cycle, namely from the extraction of raw material to the end of life.

LCA does not only focus on greenhouse gas-related impacts but also evaluates a wide series of environmental indicators that include ozone depletion, acidification, eutrophication, human toxicity, and more. For professionals in any field, LCA is one of the best mechanisms to understand the energy use and other environmental impact associated with all the phases of any product production including raw material extraction, end-of-life, use of product.

The declarations that are produced out of an LCA are called environmental product declarations (EPD). Companies that produce EPD will unravel many untapped benefits concerning the continuity and prosperity of their business.

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Training Outline
Learning Objectives

• Train participants on Life cycle assessment methodologies and best practices.
• Train participants to issue EPDs for any products.
• Raising awareness on international environmental regulatory and compliance standards,
• Raising awareness for Lifecycle Assessment and on the benefits of developing EPD to reduce carbon emissions for products

Who Should Attend
  • Environmental consultants and energy management auditors
  • Key decision makers who mandate and/or approve environmental on behalf of their organizations
  • Internal auditors, regulatory agencies, and investors as part of their role in Environmental Governance
  • Managers who are in charge of material data collection and relevant information in process production
  • Energy Managers, Facilities Managers, Environment Managers and Environmental Representatives.
  • Supply chain and procurement managers
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