Executive Training Programme On Sustainable Finance

Executive Training Programme On Sustainable Finance


The consortium of DCarbon Egypt and Global Sustain Group is honored to provide its Executive Training Programme on Sustainable Finance for the first time in Egypt.


The consortium has high-level and long practical experience in sustainability and sustainable finance and investments working with international and local financial institutions, governmental authorities, and sovereign funds, and will bring knowhow and best practices from USA, EU, Asia and others in the Egyptian local context



The programme includes 10 training modules, incorporating the main principles, benefits, and managerial steps for the development and implementation of sustainable finance and responsible investment framework. The programme has a 2-week duration (12 hours). Kindly check the programme modules and outline below.



The programme is dedicated to top level executives from Banking, Insurance and Private Equity Funds , in addition to finance, strategy, risk, business sustainability managers across Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Telecom, ICT, IT, FMCG, pharma, Real Estate, Agribusiness  sectors.


Programme Outline


  • Module 1: Introduction and Framework
  • Module 2: Trends and Developments in Sustainable Finance
  • Module 3: Sustainable Finance Regulation
  • Module 4: The EU Sustainable Finance Framework
  • Module 5: Sustainable Finance Initiatives, Frameworks, and Standards
  • Module 6: The Sustainable Finance Industry & Business Ecosystem
  • Module 7: Sustainable Investment Strategies
  • Module 8: Sustainable Finance Products
  • Module 9: The Sustainable Finance Profession
  • Module 10: Case Studies and International Best Practices



  • 31 August-1 September
  • 7-8 September 


  • 4 Days / 4 Sessions / 3 hrs. Each


  • 15 August 2020


  • Dcarbon Egypt
  • Global Sustain


Content Management


Michael Spanos: Michael Spanos, MBA is the Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Global Sustain Group, an Expert Advisor to the European Commission on the Sustainable Development Goals, an AHC Group Senior Associate (USA), a former member of the secretariat of the UN Global Compact Network and current Advisory Board member of the CEO Clubs in Greece and Stakeholder Advisory Council of FMC Corp (USA). He presents in international events and produces global ESG publications collaborating with PRI, Global Compact, GRI, European Commission, and Parliament. He has held senior positions in investments and in ICAP Group Rating Agency. Michael is also a visiting lecturer at the International MBA Programme of the Athens University of Economics and Business and the Cyprus International Institute of Management. He holds an MBA and a diploma in Production Engineering and Management.



Dr.Ehab Shalaby: Dr. Shalaby, MSc and PhD in Sustainable Development, is the founder and CEO of DCarbon Egypt, the only Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) certified training partner in Egypt and a member of the GRI Gold Community. He has more than 20 years of experience in lecturing, research, public and private policy advising on Sustainable Development Strategies and Policies at local, regional, and international levels. His core motivation is to embed Sustainable Development philosophy and culture in the Egyptian context, and in particular, in policy planning, strategy, project development, implementation and evaluation. Dr. Shalaby has worked on numerous sustainability reports for the financial sector in Egypt and the MENA and several consultations, including his participation in the development of Egypt’s National Sustainable Development Strategy – Egypt’s Vision 2030 (SDS), Egypt’s first Carbon Market, and Egypt’s Low-Emission Carbon Strategy.