Research & Innovation Hub


The Research & Innovation Hub is intended to prepare tomorrow's leaders to change their organizations. Sustainability officers and Mangers can benefit through best practices, case studies, and skills in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. The Hub’s mission is to infuse innovation and entrepreneurship industry-wide and contribute to the national, regional, and global ecosystem.



As part of its CSR activities, Dcarbon provide awareness raising seminar prepared and delivered by Dcarbon Team of Experts by request, free of charge, to any organization or industry group. it introduces sustainability officers and managers to national and international industry insights and new trends in sustainability practices, opportunities to develop insights about the entrepreneurial process and think about leadership and innovation.

Best Practices & case Studies

This professionally-developed, experts-supported consultancy is intended to give sustainability officers and managers the opportunity to start, grow and renovate approaches and implementation plans to assist in solving organization’s most challenging issues, while building collaborative skills and functioning as high-performing, innovative teams.

Speaker & Network

DCarbon’s Team of Experts are always keen to participate in events, workshops, and conferences, to be actively involved in transferring up-to date ideas, methodologies, and trends for forward-thinking and innovations. From guest speakers to networking, these events are always interesting, inspiring and mind teasing to attendees.

Analytics: Enterprise Risk Management

In recent years, internal and external factors have fueled a heightened interest by organizations in enterprise risk management (ERM). DCarbon’s Team of Experts explore the issues surrounding risk management including:

  • Internal risks related to working environment, policies and procedures,
  • External national strategic directions, national priorities, economic, social and environmental risks, and risks related to rules, regulations, and policies, 
  • Regional economic, social and environmental risks, policies and regulations,
  • International economic, social and environmental risks, policies and regulations, and risks related to international treaties and agreements.