Sustainable Finance Course

Sustainable Finance Training

Global Challenges and the Financial Markets- Current Status

The importance of Analyzing the investor’s role, Environmental, Social & Governance criteria and impact investing

Module 1 Module 2
Intro to Sustainability Fundamentals and How It Affects Business The Financial Markets and the Transition to A Low-Carbon Economy
  • Climate change, Sustainability Criteria and International Standards
  • Risks And Opportunities : why sustainability standards can be helpful to manage risks and opportunities
  • New Business Practices-Initiatives By Leading Industries: ING, Apple, Starbucks
  • New Regulation Schemes and financial instruments


Module 3 Module 4: Module 5
Intro to Sustainable Financial Products - Offer & Demand Sustainable Investment Strategies and Methodologies ESG Data- Sources, Scopes and Methodologies
  • Green Bonds
  • Sustainable Equity Funds
  • Sustainable Lending
  • Approaches to measure and manage the non-financial impact of investments
  • Sustainable rating and labeling methodologies



Hesham Eissa

Climate Change & Environmental Expert

Hesham El-Sayed Eissa has a master’s degree in economics, two post Diploma in Political and climate change and a Member of the National Task Force on Climate Change for H.E. President of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Heads Economic Systems, and Economic Development. Hesham is VP-Dcarbon Egypt- lead Expert of of State and Government of the African on Climate Change (CHAOCC) (2015). Mr. Hesham is the Project Manager and the key expert on Climate Change in Egypt’s’ Low Emission Development Strategy, Egypt’s’ Carbon Market Study, Egypt’s’ Strategic Report for Sustainable Development Goal-2 Ending Hunger, Egypt’s First Voluntary National Review 2016, and preparing Corporate Sustainability Reports in various sectors (Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Telecommunications).