DCarbon is currently leading and driving sustainable change in Egypt, combined with Global knowledge, international expertise and in-depth insight to the National Context of our Country, we are committed to extend our awareness program and services to a new platform of key-industries.

DCarbon provides its services through the unique set of collective expertise of its Lead Team of Experts, who have acquired both their international and national status and knowledge over a prolonged professional and public life of 20+ years, in economic, environmental and social fields.

Life Cycle Assessment Consultation

Environmental issues in industry have usually focused on the manufacturing plant. Air emissions, water discharges, and waste disposal have attracted the attention of government regulators as well as manufacturing and services companies. Companies paid attention to environmental releases, not only because of the external review they brought, but also because the releases represented decreased efficiencies and increased costs.

Carbon Market Studies

The amount of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are increasing annually in a significant way, that makes climate change one of the world’s most pressing and complex challenges. Human activities like industry, agriculture, transportation, energy, etc., are responsible for almost all of the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Mitigating those emissions is the […]