Digital tools

Sustainability and Integrated Reporting Module (SIRM)

“In the new era for sustainable practices, Corporates SHALL create financial, environmental, and social value while in no way weakening the abilities of humans and other forms of life to flourish on Earth forever”. DCarbon utilizes science-based goals for a business that aspires to respect nature, optimize resources, foster wellbeing and strengthen society. Integrated Reporting […]

Sustainability Analysis Tool (SAT)

This framework enables the organization to systematically evaluate its own sustainability performance, identify potential sustainability action items (particularly those that are most relevant for its business sector), and determine options for communicating with key stakeholders regarding its sustainability initiatives. 

Carbon Digital Decision Support Tool (CDDS)

The aim of CDDS Tool is to utilize methods and techniques currently used  into a user friendly digital tool that draws on existing national and international standards and methodologies (such as national energy mix emission factors, IPCC Protocol, GHG protocol, the Carbon Disclosure Project) to enable business firms to measure, compare, benchmark and report on its direct carbon footprint.  The CDDS tool  encompasses visualization tool to allow comparison of metrics across a specified time period, thereby supporting decision makers to identify the main sources of emissions, the low hanging fruits for mitigation, the deviation from set targets, evaluate their status in meeting their set target of CO2 emissions reduction, make educated decisions regarding adjusting procedures and/or targets.

iSDG Model

  Dcarbon signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Millennium Institute (MI) to be their representative in Egypt to promote their services that includes the iSDG Model. Who Created the iSDG Model? The new iSDG Model was developed by the Millennium Institute based on the proven Threshold 21 (T21) technology. T21 technology generates scenarios tracking […]