NBE – GRI Training Program

Congratulations !

DCarbon Egypt expresses its sincere congratulations on NBE’s new milestone achieved. The National Bank of Egypt successfully certified 100 Sustainability Ambassadors on GRI Sustainability Reporting.

DCarbon proudly delivered to the NBE a 4-week Master Training Plan on Sustainability Reporting in accordance to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards.

GRI Standards are the most commonly used standards by top corporates and organizations across all industries worldwide, and nationwide recommended by the Egyptian Stock Exchange.

The objective of this massive GRI Training Programme was to build the capacity and skills of a batch of 100 sustainability ambassadors within the bank to support all functions in order to successfully develop future sustainability reports and advance ESG disclosure standards, and to this end, Develop NBE’s performance in environmental, social, and governance issues.

We, DCarbon, are honored to cooperate with the NBE, which served the Egyptian economy and society for more than 122 years now.

This GRI Training Programme delivered to the 100 NBE employees is certified by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) through its GRI-certified training partner and consultant of NBE, DCarbon Egypt.


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