Overview of Consultation 

DCarbon has a proven track record in consultations for the private sector, public sector, civil society organizations and international organizations in sustainability and climate change. Our major focus is developing sustainability reports and GHG inventory measurement and management plans.


Reporting Consultation

Dcarbon has helped clients develop their sustainability reports in accordance with the
national and international benchmarks, standards and best practices.
Our team were members of the National Expert committee which developed Egypt’s
National Sustainable Development Strategy, Egypt Vision 2030 (ENSDS, Vision 2030). and We have also led the team of experts in developing Egypt’s National Voluntarily Review Report on Sustainable Development Goals (NVR) (2030 global agenda) delivered to the United Nations High-Level Political Forum in 2016. Recently we have led the team of experts in developing the sustainability strategic review of the world food program (WFP) for the period of 2017-2023. DCarbon is a member of the GRI Gold Community and the only certified partner of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in Egypt.


International Reporting System

The company offers consulting services in the field of reporting in compliance with international standards and which aims to achieve sustainability, transparency, and governance by:

  • Qualifying specialists within enterprises and agencies to prepare reports according to the type of activity.
  • Compatible and general framework for reports to enable all parties of all sizes and specialties of the reporting system status.
  • Develop proposals for Key Performance Indicators (KPI) about the sustainable development goals (SDGs) achieved by institutions.
  • Coordination with all stakeholders and governmental institutions to develop a national system for reports in line with the national circumstance and at the same time meet the required international
  • Preparation of annual National Reports on Sustainable Development (NRSD) to the United Nations, including the implementation of national sustainable development goals (SDGs).
  • Preparation the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) which meets the requirements of UNFCCC.


Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reduction:

  • Initial assessment of existing and new projects across all sectors on their current greenhouse gas emission
  • Prepare feasibility studies for carbon emission reduction
  • Create an execution plan for the project with suggestions and recommendations on how to reduce greenhouse gas emission
  • Implement the suggested scheme to reduce GHG emissions
  • Prepare feasibility studies and provide consultancy for Green Economy (low emission development strategy).
  • Environmental studies, research and consultancy in climate change with sustainable development.
  • Studies for establishing Carbon Mechanisms locally and regionally and preparing the complete study whether legislative, administrative and technical.
  • Developing studies related to adaptation and mitigation to the adverse effects of climate change.
  • Preparing and implementing strategies and action plans for the sustainable development goals for both the private and public sectors and develop their measurement indicators Learn More


DCarbon Egypt

DCarbon is an Egyptian joint stock
company, Incorporated under the law no
159 for the year 1981 and its executive
regulation, located in Cairo, Egypt, and is a
subsidiary RIS2C (Reliable Integrated
Sustainable Solutions Company).

DCarbon is a pioneer in cooperating with and
assisting the public and private sectors,
international organizations (IOs) as well as civil
society organizations (CSOs) and universities
understand and address their impact on
sustainable development and climate change.
DCarbon was able to expand its network among
all stakeholders and is a member of the GRI
Gold community as well as a certified training
partner to the Global reporting initiative (GRI)..

It is our belief that through the commitment to
National and International policies, corporate
integrity and transparency we, with our
stakeholders, can maximize organizational
profitability through growing organizational
value. Our team of experts has been providing
consultations and training on sustainable
development and climate change throughout
Egypt and the MENA, for public and private
sectors, international organizations, and CSOs.




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