Capacity Building & Education

Building Abilities of Your Employees

 is a fundamental step in ensuring a smooth, efficient, and stable transition to sustainability. DCarbon designed a range of training programs that could be tailored to your business needs. This includes dealing with the carbon market and preparing carbon trade contracts and carbon footprint certificates, negotiating the environmental dimension of contracts, understanding the international green market, terminology, and standards such as the green star in the tourism sector.

Preparing Sustainability Reports

Sustainability is a business approach that creates long-term stakeholder value by appropriately managing risks and optimizing opportunities across economic, environmental and social bottom lines. Sustainability is a holistic approach that assesses and enhance the organization economic, social and environmental footprint through integrating sustainability into mainstream business strategy.

DCarbon is a member of the GRI Gold Community and certified to give training for GRI Standards for Sustainability Reporting which helps participants understand sustainable development and coordinate the reporting process. The training is based on certified GRI material and additional material developed specifically for Egyptian organizations. Today, while an increasing number of companies and organizations want to make their operations sustainable, they are struggling to establish clear processes that will help them to set goals, measure and monitor KPIs, manage change and report on their performance. A sustainability report provides information on an organization’s economic, environmental and social performance against set guidelines or an established framework.

Scope of Work

  • Qualifying tourism projects to get a green star certificate.
  • Training institutions for energy management.
  • Qualifying projects to prepare Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) report for greenhouse gas emission reduction.
  • Training on how to deal with Carbon market mechanism.
  • Qualifying projects for carbon footprint certificates.
  • Qualifying projects to obtain green credit from national and international organizations.
  • Training credit institution on evaluating submitted environmental project for loan approval
  • Training of Negotiation skills, both at the level of projects, contracts, and international negotiations.
  • Training on green accounting criteria for evaluating the performance of community participation for institutions.

Other Environmental Services:

  • Preparing the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).
  • Provide technical support and executive Green Building both converting existing buildings into Green buildings or create green buildings to Comply with international standards.
  • The provision of eco-friendly raw materials and
  • Equipment, such as cladding, The necessary Energy-saving devices, and water saving

 Sustainable Development

 (GRI) TRaining Course

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) 


DCarbon Egypt

DCarbon is an Egyptian joint stock
company, Incorporated under the law no
159 for the year 1981 and its executive
regulation, located in Cairo, Egypt, and is a
subsidiary RIS2C (Reliable Integrated
Sustainable Solutions Company).

DCarbon is a pioneer in cooperating with and
assisting the public and private sectors,
international organizations (IOs) as well as civil
society organizations (CSOs) and universities
understand and address their impact on
sustainable development and climate change.
DCarbon was able to expand its network among
all stakeholders and is a member of the GRI
Gold community as well as a certified training
partner to the Global reporting initiative (GRI)..

It is our belief that through the commitment to
National and International policies, corporate
integrity and transparency we, with our
stakeholders, can maximize organizational
profitability through growing organizational
value. Our team of experts has been providing
consultations and training on sustainable
development and climate change throughout
Egypt and the MENA, for public and private
sectors, international organizations, and CSOs.




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