Egypt National Review

Report for HLPF on SDGs

As the primary consultant,  DCarbon has prepared Egypt National Review Report to be submitted in the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) in July 2016. A report outline can be found the United Nations website.

The National Report was prepared in cooperations with government officials from the Ministry of Planning and Ministry of International Cooperation in addition to CAPMAS.



Egypt International Determined National Contribution

Dr. Ehab Shalaby, DCarbon’s leading expert, was a member of the National team of Consultants on develoEgypt Mapping the technical background report of Egypt’s INDCs submitted to the UNFCCC Secretariat, in October 2015.

Under the auspices of the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs, the UNDP, and the LECB, Shalaby compiled 3 out of 7 information segments in Egypt’s technical background report. The information segments include Climate Change Economy,  Cross-cutting issues (National Circumstances and National Development Goals), and Means of implementation (technology, finance, and capacity building). Key deliverables included Technical background report on corresponding section/s, Summary report on the relevant section/s Technical backstopping along the development of the INDCs until submission date of the

Key deliverables included Technical background report on the corresponding sections, Summary report on the relevant section/s,report to UNFCCC Secretariat Presentation/s, documentation and the final presentation.

The INDC official report can be found here.

SDS 2030,

Egypt’s National SDS 2030, Energy Pillar

egyptVision2030Dr. Ehab Shalaby,  DCarbon’s founder and leading consultant,  was a member of the National Expert Group of Egypt’s National Sustainable Development Strategy 2030, Energy Pillar (ENSDS 2030):

Shalaby was among the team assigned with the duty to develop a strategic vision for the energy sector in Egypt for the year 2030. As a committee member, his duties were to review existing literature, reports and data on energy for sustainable development, propose the appropriate methodology and process for developing the energy sector vision and objectives among different stakeholders, assess current national and sectoral energy strategy and policy.

In addition, he conducted consultations with public, private and international experts, identified challenges as well as innovations and initiatives in the energy sector, proposed an institutional mechanism, identified the impact on energy policy on the three dimensions of sustainable development, and finally developed and reviewed KPIs of energy sectors and KPI Gaps. The official Sustainable Development Strategy 2030 for Egypt can be found here


DCarbon Egypt

DCarbon is an Egyptian joint stock
company, Incorporated under the law no
159 for the year 1981 and its executive
regulation, located in Cairo, Egypt, and is a
subsidiary RIS2C (Reliable Integrated
Sustainable Solutions Company).

DCarbon is a pioneer in cooperating with and
assisting the public and private sectors,
international organizations (IOs) as well as civil
society organizations (CSOs) and universities
understand and address their impact on
sustainable development and climate change.
DCarbon was able to expand its network among
all stakeholders and is a member of the GRI
Gold community as well as a certified training
partner to the Global reporting initiative (GRI)..

It is our belief that through the commitment to
National and International policies, corporate
integrity and transparency we, with our
stakeholders, can maximize organizational
profitability through growing organizational
value. Our team of experts has been providing
consultations and training on sustainable
development and climate change throughout
Egypt and the MENA, for public and private
sectors, international organizations, and CSOs.




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