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Senior Macroeconomic Modeling

Senior Macroeconomic Modeling

Location: Cairo, Egypt      Type of Contract: Individual Contract

Post Level: Senior           Duration of Initial Contract: One Year, renewable

Role: The successful candidate will participate in designing, developing, and implementing  a suite of macroeconomics’ model. The role would suit someone who is rigorous and creative and entrepreneurial, with a strong track record in macroeconomic modeling.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Lead the design and construction of a suite of structural macro-econometric models; Computable General Equilibrium (CGE), and Sectoral Satellite Models.
  2. Carry out and authenticate macroeconomic simulations and forecasts based on the models developed.
  3. Design, develop, implement and operate a rigorous governance system to maintain the macroeconomic suite of models to ensure it performs well and reflects the latest data, as well as overseeing the maintenance of documentation consistent with the requirements of model validators.
  4. Provide leadership in writing, reviewing, and presenting of economic reports and briefs on macroeconomic policy issues, and the economic dimension in sustainability reports.
  5. Participate in the preparation of the Company’s economic output, reports, and publications, in line with its mandate for the provision of analysis and comments to support our clients’ needs (private sector and government).
  6. Participate in developing training and capacity development activities in the area of Macroeconomics, Modelling, and Reporting.


  1. Master’s degree in economics, preferably with focus on Macroeconomics; Econometrics, and Economic Development;
  2. Considerable experience (3-5 years) in working with and developing applied macroeconomic models;
  3. Excellent knowledge of econometrics software for modelling and simulation (EViews, Troll, Stata, or equivalent), data sources and data compilation;
  4. Excellent written and verbal communication including the presentation of forecasts, to a wide range of technical and non-technical audiences.

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