Abu Qir Fertilizers Company

Sustainability Report 


Abu Qir Fertilizers Company Sustainability Report 2018

DCarbon team, leading the process of Sustainable Transition in Egypt is thrilled to publish the ABU QIR Fertilizers 1st Sustainability Report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards.

ABU QIR, the Egyptian leader in Fertilizers Industry is recognized as a successful enterprise nationally and internationally. Headed by wise and professional sustainability oriented leadership, is a reflection of a true success story and a benchmark for all fertilizers companies not only in Egypt but globally.

Abu Qir Fertilizers Co. has implemented variety of policies, programs, projects, and initiatives on a high strategic level leading to remarkable achievements and success in terms of sustainability and climate change all covered in this report, and what it came on top of their sustainability efforts was their Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Project which has gained international recognition.

Abu Qir Fertilizers Company implemented Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project that significantly reduced the emission of Nitrous Oxide (N2O), a potent greenhouse gas. With over 17 million tonnes of CO2eq emission reductions until 2019, the project is among the largest, not only in the MENA region but also globally.

Among many other projects and initiatives, the environmental pillar wasn’t the only pillar that has been addressed, Abu Qir Fertilizers Co. left its remarkable social footprint tackling many sustainable development issues, through investing in their human capital, their local community and Egypt.

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