Commercial International Bank 

Sustainability Report 


Commercial International Bank Sustainability Report 2018

DCarbon team, leading the process of Sustainable Transition in Egypt, is thrilled to publish the CIB 2nd Sustainability Report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards.

CIB, the leading private bank in Egypt, nationally recognized for its value to the economy, and internationally  entrusted with membership in global initiatives that sets the tone for the new era of social and environmental commitments.

With 43 years of expertise in serving its clients both nationally and abroad, strengthened by its powerful financial performance rising year-over-year, the CIB continued to assertively serving the marginalized unbanked population, proactively optimizing its green practices, and needless to say, relentlessly supporting the Nation along all cycles of economic reform and growth ( through Egypt National Vision SDS 2030)

This sustainability report represents the collective voice of CIB’s stakeholders in the plans and activities that the bank has established to provide financial inclusion products, to support agribusinesses & SMEs, to empower youth & women, and to proudly and humbly invest in long-term community health programs and entrepreneurship ventures through the CIB Foundation.

As savvy as its venerated leaders, CIB Sustainability Strategy was gradually, but confidently crafted to leave no-one behind by creating shared value, asserting the best fitting digital transformation to the Egyptian Market, and capitalizing on the new opportunities that FinTechs bring along.

“Africa a Blossoming Land” report also looks into the future, bridging across borders to achieve alliances and marking new milestones in the collaboration of African Nations to restore the untapped potential of the continent and its aspiration for 2063.

As the first financial institution in Egypt to join the United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative (UNEP-FI), and as a member of the prestigious EU-AU Digital Economy Task Force, CIB is taking a leap, with great precision, to share knowledge and promote investments for Africa’s digital transformation, a transformation that soon is becoming a reality with Egypt Chairing the Africa Union since January 2019; once again asserting its historic role in bringing the continent closer across all industries and sectors.

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