TCI Sanmar Chemicals S.A.E

Sustainability Report 


TCI Sanmar Chemicals S.A.E 2018-2019

TCI Sanmar believes that sustainability reports are important means of communication with stakeholders to foster informed dialogue and understanding. Such reports enhance transparency, detail the company’s economic, environmental, and social performance, bring challenges and risks upfront and elaborate on the management approach. They also identify opportunities and present TCI Sanmar’s sustainability practices and plans as part of its growth strategy. With this report, TCI Sanmar is set to establish a benchmark for future performance and communicate its priorities to all the stakeholders.

“Sustainability and Corporate citizenship is explicit in our core business approach and in our core values that guide our conduct: putting people first; high performance culture; and rigorous financial discipline. Our Guiding Principles provide a set of clear, non-negotiable standards defining our relationships with employees, partners, governments and the communities that come under the purview of our operations” stated  PS Jayaraman, Sanmar’s Chairman.

This report addresses TCI Sanmar’s impact on the pillars of sustainability- economic, social, and environmental. It also addresses the risks and challenges and explores possible opportunities. To identify the most material topics, TCI Sanmar incorporated a variety of inputs from a range of guidelines and initiatives, from the national, and global perspectives.

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