TCI Sanmar Chemicals S.A.E

Sustainability Report 


TCI Sanmar Chemicals S.A.E 2019-2020

We are immensely proud to congratulate TCI Sanmar on publishing its Second Sustainability Report according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework, core option.

During the drafting and publishing of this report, the world is living in a period of great uncertainty due to the novel Corona Virus. Multiple countries are living under a lock-down, supply chains are disrupted, people are separated from their families, and there is uncertainty in all aspects of life, yet, due to its  commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, and its mission to contribute to the development of Egypt and to the whole world, Sanmar insisted on highlighting it’s journey of improvement in multiple aspects since last year’s report. Sanmar has been continuously working on improving its progress on the social, economic, and environmental levels.

To read more about Sanmar’s journey, please access the report through:

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