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Sustainability Report 


Vodafone Sustainability Report 2018-2020

Vodafone Egypt ?? published its fourth sustainability report according to the GRI standards.
Ahead with digitization reflects Vodafone sustainability efforts in Egypt ?? from 2018 to 2020.
This report is published during COVID-19 pandemic and highlights Vodafone Egypt’s efforts during those tough times.

Alexandre Froment Curtil, Vodafone Egypt CEO, stated: “We expanded our capacity to serve every business and individual by our robust solutions while ensuring our employees’ safety. In addition to supporting the community through donations, partnerships, and other social initiatives. Witnessing and living in such an unprecedented time confirms that Vodafone has and will always be ahead to provide the needs of its community through its short term actions and long-term vision. This is through our contribution in: fulfilling our customers’ needs in the digital education when all schools had to close and students had to study from home, providing flexible offerings and solutions for a cashless environment, and various offerings to support SMEs and SOHOs’ business enablement. We always aim to be admired as a diverse ethical company operating responsibly and providing products and services that enable a more sustainable society for our customers and our community. Following our purpose “We connect for a better future” and its commitment to improve one billion lives and halve our environmental impact by 2025, we are taking concrete actions under the three pillars of our purpose: Digital society, Inclusion for all, and Planet”.

You can read the report at: https://internet.vodafone.com.eg/Sustainability%20Report%20Final%20to%20Publish.pdf

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