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Sustainability Research Analyst

Sustainability Research Analyst

Location: Cairo, Egypt      Type of Contract: Individual Contract

Post Level: Senior           Duration of Initial Contract: One Year, renewable

Role: The successful candidate will participate in conducting surveys and interviews about the environmental, economic, and social factors that impact a particular issue in sustainability.Writing reports of recent research findings.Preparing Technical proposals to prospect clients.

Job Responsibilities

  • Conduct surveys and interviews about the environmental, economic, and social factors that impact a particular issue in sustainability.
  • Writing reports of recent research findings.
  • Preparing Technical proposals to prospect clients.
  • Developing, organizing and facilitating roundtable discussions with senior policy and business decision makers.
  • Performing online research about best practices and new technologies in sustainability, corporate social responsibility and environmental monitoring.
  • Providing recommendations to internal and external clients on effective sustainable development strategies.
  • Analyzing data from tests to measure energy efficiency, resource consumption and emissions
  • Reviewing recent reports from other experts in the field on sustainable technologies, practices and policies.
  • Designing research protocols and procedures for upcoming studies.
  • Contacting subject matter experts, government officials and business leaders to elicit their participation in research projects
  • Conducting experiments and collecting samples to measure resource use and potential environmental contamination or pollution
  • Meeting research participants on-site to conduct interviews and focus groups

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, business administration, environmental engineering (Master’s Degree in a sustainability relevant field is an advantage),
  • 2-4 years of experience,
  • Demonstrated strength in data analysis and reporting
  • Ability to work with large data sets and produce effective reporting
  • Passion for delivering value for the client
  • Passion for aligning financial returns with societal impact
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills
  • A team player, and can manage working under pressure

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