Dr. Ahmed Belal
Co-Founder /Research & Innovation Director

Dr. Ahmed Belal is a co-founder and senior macroeconomist and macroeconomic modeling expert at DCarbon-Egypt, solid educational and technical background in macroeconomics, sustainable development, and economic research, Successful track record of experience on the international, regional, and national levels, working as a consultant with the EU, UNDP programs in various countries.

Dr. Belal is the Project Manager for the iSDG Model integrated simulation tool- implementation project in cooperation with the Millennium Institute; and the key macroeconomic expert and team leader in Egypt’s’ Low Emission Development Strategy, Egypt’s’ Carbon Market Study, Egypt’s’ Strategic Report for Sustainable Development Goal-2 Ending Hunger, Egypt’s First Voluntary National Review 2016, and preparing Corporate Sustainability Reports in various sectors (Oil & Gas, Banking, Petrochemicals, Food & Beverage, Telecommunications).