Eyad Alanani
Environmental & Lifecycle Researcher 

Eyad is a devoted Environmental Engineer and Lifecycle Assessment Researcher with over a year of hands-on experience in the sustainability field, encompassing academic research and academic teaching. He proudly holds an ABET-accredited Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Engineering from Zewail City.

Eyad’s background is underscored by a proven track record in addressing the challenges of climate change, conducting environmental impact assessments, and promoting environmental entrepreneurship. Moreover, his primary fervor lies in unraveling unexplored avenues of sustainable practices and emerging trends, particularly within the scope of green finance and carbon markets.

Throughout his career, Eyad has been the recipient of several esteemed awards, highlighting his remarkable achievements in environmental entrepreneurship. Noteworthy among these is his first-place recognition from the Egyptian Prime Minister at the National Initiative for Green and Smart Projects over Aswan’s level, as well as his distinction as one of the top 162 Green projects at the national level in Egypt.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and fueled by his visionary thinking, Eyad stands as an indispensable asset to organizations committed to pioneering innovative and sustainable solutions to pressing environmental challenges.