May Elwany
Head of Strategies & Social Impact Assessment Expert

May is a Strategist and Auditor of Corporate Economic and Social Programs in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the African Agenda 2063.

With a collective 25+ years of proven experience in Strategic Planning, National & Global Operations, Public Networking & Grant Management, Institutional Capacity Building, Corporate Governance, Strategy-setting, Business Model Development, Data Mining preparation process, Process Innovation, Change Management and Responsible Communication.

For 8 years of her career, by modeling and simulating cross-industry dynamics on the African Continent, she was an active player in developing strategies & assessing Social and Sports Programs, and driving transitions towards sustainable development (where underprivileged youth/females were the main beneficiaries).

The “enabling environment” of those programs is witnessed with beneficiaries of the age of 8, whom continued till their 20s by joining  elite international activities, while positively influencing their younger national citizens, with impact on improving health, educational retention, reduction of crime and quality of life despite the complexity of the political, economic, social and cultural contexts.