Dr. Ehab Shalaby


A Researcher, Consultant, and Lecturer in the field of Sustainable Development. With more than 20 years of experience, Shalaby worked in lecturing, research, public and private policy advising on Sustainable Development Strategies and Policies; on the local, regional and international level.

His core motivation was embedding Sustainable Development philosophy and culture in the Egyptian context, in particular Strategy and Policy planning, project implementation, evaluation, and development.

He received his MSc and Ph.D. from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University.

Ehab Shalaby is the founder and CEO of DCarbon Egypt, the only Global reporting initiative certified training partner in Egypt and a member of the golden community. Currently Shalaby is working on a number of projects and consultations including participating in developing Egypt’s first carbon market study, and Egypt’s low Emission carbon Strategy.

May Emam

Co-Founder /Vice President for HR & Operations

Over 20 years of experience in the fields of Telecom, HR & Administration; Worked for 16 years with multinational Companies, May is currently serves as the Vice President for HR & Operations at Dcarbon; Supervise daily support operations of the company and plan the most efficient administrative procedures. Lead a team of professionals to complete a range of administrative duties in different departments.

May Certified as a Corporate Governance Officer from London School of Business & Finance, May has successfully completed the GRI Certified Training Program based on the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards , May holding an HR Professional Diploma from Regional IT Institute RITI accredited by The HR Certification Institute HRCI ; previously May worked at Vodafone Egypt – Credit Management Department ; Responsible for providing an efficient and professional HR & Administrative support to Director to facilitate the efficient operation of the work.

Dr. Ahmed Belal

Co-Founder/Research and Innovation Director

Dr. Ahmed Belal is a co-founder and senior macroeconomist and macroeconomic modelling expert at DCarbon-Egypt, solid educational and technical background in macroeconomics, sustainable development and economic research, Successful track record of experience on the international, regional, and national level, working as a consultant with the EU, UNDP programs in various countries.

Dr. Belal is the Project Manager for the iSDG Model integrated simulation tool- implementation project in cooperation with the Millennium Institute; and the key macroeconomic expert and team leader in Egypt’s’ Low Emission Development Strategy, Egypt’s’ Carbon Market Study, Egypt’s’ Strategic Report for Sustainable Development Goal-2 Ending Hunger, Egypt’s First Voluntary National Review 2016, and preparing Corporate Sustainability Reports in various sectors (Oil & Gas, Banking, Petrochemicals, Food & Beverage, Telecommunications).

May Elwany

Social Impact Assessment Expert

A resilient advocate for sustainable economic and social development programs ,with over 25 years of proven knowledge and hand-on experience in multidisciplinary fields.

Dr. Nasser Ayoub

Life Cycle Assessment Expert

Professor and Senior Environmental Consultant, Certified LCAP, GSAS-CGP

Energy and Sustainability Expert, including Environmental Benign Bioenergy Supply chains, Waste Management, Life Cycle Assessment, LCA, Environmental Policy Analysis, Energy Conservation, Environmental Monitoring, and Environmental Emergency. Having more than 20 years of comprehensive academic and technical experience in seven different countries.

Hesham Eissa

Climate Change & Environmental Expert

Hesham El-Sayed Eissa has a master’s degree in economics, two post Diploma in Political and climate change and a Member of the National Task Force on Climate Change for H.E. President of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Heads Economic Systems, and Economic Development. Hesham is VP-Dcarbon Egypt- lead Expert of of State and Government of the African on Climate Change (CHAOCC) (2015).

Mr. Hesham is the Project Manager and the key expert on Climate Change in Egypt’s’ Low Emission Development Strategy, Egypt’s’ Carbon Market Study, Egypt’s’ Strategic Report for Sustainable Development Goal-2 Ending Hunger, Egypt’s First Voluntary National Review 2016, and preparing Corporate Sustainability Reports in various sectors (Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Telecommunications).

Amira El Marsafawy

Sustainability Senior Research Analyst

Amira El Marsafawy is a Sustainability Senior Research Analyst at DCarbon Egypt, where she provides high quality ESG research, Sustainability Reports and impact analysis. In her 10+ years of professional experience in the areas of Economics and Public policy, El Marsafawy has worked as a Senior Economic Researcher at Ministry of Planning Economic, Monitoring, and Administrative Reform, Sustainable Development Unit, responsible for the update of Egypt Vision 2030.

She worked as a faculty member teaching Economics at the American University in Cairo, and worked as an Associate Researcher at the Access to knowledge for Development (A2K4D) Research Center, among other distinctions in the field. El Marsafawy holds a mix of theory and practice as after having her M.A. in Economic Growth and Sustainable Development from the American University in Cairo, she is currently doing her Ph.D in the area of Behavioral Economics and Public Policy, Cairo University.

Nermine Shalaby

Senior Economist

Nermeen Shalaby is a senior development officer in Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation, Shalaby is a MBA holder from French university in Egypt, Shalaby main field is to strengthen Egypt’s ties with its existing international partners and different development agencies, as well as exploring new opportunities for cooperation while setting Egypt partners strategies, all through the establishment of mutually-beneficial partnerships.

After spending nearly, a decade working in GOE, Shalaby has extensive experience in national development program negotiation and follow up. Furthermore, she has opportunity to be MIIC representative in several local economic and political GOE committees, as well as in the coordination with several international organizations, on top of which is the USAID, UNDP and LAS. Lastly, GRI certificate for sustainable development goals reporting.

Alia Azzam

Senior Sustainability Researcher

Alia Azzam is a senior sustainability researcher who works for Dcarbon Egypt since February 2018 holding a wide variety of roles in different projects on the national and corporate levels. Alia acquires diverse experience in corporate sustainability and integrated reporting using the GRI and IR standards, stakeholder engagement and mapping, climate change issues and SDGs, and strategic research and ESG analysis

Alia holds a master of science from the American University in Cairo in sustainable development with a concentration in sustainable cities. Her original background is architectural engineering and technology, she had her bachelor degree from the faculty of Engineering at Cairo University. Alia has shown strong academic commitment throughout her academic journey that continued after graduation to work as a teaching and research assistant.

Sofia Yialama

Sustainability Senior Research Analyst

Sofia Yialama is a GRI-certified Senior Sustainability Research Analyst from Greece. She holds a Bachelor and MSc degree in International and European studies and her areas of expertise include international relations, international cooperation and sustainable development.

As a former E.U Projects Consultant and member in regional Task Forces, she has significant experience in project management in sectors such as Sustainability in the Blue Economy sectors, Green Economy, Sustainable Tourism and Nature-Based solutions. Her solid career objective and self-motivation is to inspire, influence and develop initiatives and projects coupled with multilateral partnerships towards achieving “Sustainability Transition” in the private sector.

Sarah El-Miligy

Sustainability Research Analyst

Sarah El-Miligy is a GRI-certified  Sustainability Research Analyst who has recently joined DCarbon Team in August 2018.

Sarah graduated from the Faculty of Economic studies and Political science at Alexandria University, holding a bachelor degree in Political science and she is currently acting as a Teacher Assistant in scientific research methodologies and Diplomatic and Consular Relations in the political section department and a former international diplomacy coordinator with Ambassador Sameh Abu- El Enien – Deputy Foreign Minister and Director of the Egyptian Diplomatic Academy at Universidad Oberta de Cataluña.

Mahmoud Gamal El-Din

Sustainability Research Analyst

Mahmoud is the latest addition to DCarbon team. He is an official Sustainability GRI Certified Research Analyst

Mahmoud Graduated from the American University in Cairo, holding a bachelor degree in Political science with double concentrations in international law and international relations. Due to his deep interest in history, he acquired a history minor during his undergrad years. Mahmoud graduated in spring 2019 with high honors.

He acquired a wide knowledge in different fields due to AUC’s liberal arts education programs which allows students to take courses in different fields not related to their major. He studied different courses in different fields such as accounting, business, economics, biology, mass communications, anthropology, sociology, psychology, history, law, political studies, Middle East studies, Arabic language studies, and others.

Dr Mohamed Shalaby

Economic and Financial Expert

DR Mohamed Shalaby is Economic and Financial Expert, in Dcarbon Egypt. He is a graduate of Faculty of Commerce & Business administration& obtained Master degree in Economics of Foreign Trade  in addition to Ph.D  in Economics,   

As an Economic and Financial Expert, in Dcarbon ,he worked on Corporate Sustainability Reporting, Economic and financial analysis for Alex Bank – Credit Agricole Egypt – Egyptian Drilling Company (EDC) – Amoc – Abu Qir fertilizers & Giza systems, He also worked on Climate change and carbon market researches

Sally Aly

Personal Assistant to CEO & HR Supervisor

Sally Aly is the Personal assistant to Dcarbon CEO , planning the most efficient administrative procedures in addition to working as HR Supervisor supporting the Vice President for HR ;handling all HR responsibilities for the company. Sally is also handling all the GRI training requirements acting as a focal point between attendees & the GRI in Netherlands.

Sally is a graduate from the Faculty of Alsun English department ,She has worked in Vodafone Egypt for 13 years ;planning the training for the employees in addition to working as internal communication for 7 years communicating efficiently all non-commercial information to employees along with organizing events for 3000 employees

Dawlat Saad

Communication & External Affairs Head

Dawlat A. Saad is the Head of Corporate engagement at DCarbon Egypt, where she professionally manages communications and engagement plan to key decision makers, stakeholders and senior leaders of the business and acts as a trusted advisor assisting DCarbon business units in thoughtfully reviewing operations against its responsible business standards and stakeholder expectations.

D. Saad possess Solid technical experience as communications lead for assigned areas, liaise with stakeholders and subject matter experts to guide communications positioning on business-critical topics as needed.

Wessam Al-Taher

Financial Manager

Mr. Wessam joined DCarbon since its inception in 2016. He works as the financial manager. He has more than 23 years of experience in the field of financial management. Prior joining DCarbon, Mr. Wessam held many financial leadership positions in many Egyptian and multinational companies in various fields. Participated in the development and implementation of financial strategies, and policies, and monitoring key performance indicators.

Mr. Wessam is responsible for preparing and analyzing reports, budgets, accounts, and financial statements. Preparing strategic analysis and assist in strategic planning. Contribute to setting operational plans for the department and making sure that these goals are consistent with the individual goals of the employees. He is also responsible for overseeing implementation and contribution to the continuous improvement of management policies, procedures and operations in line with best practices and strategies