Initiatives & Partnerships

Millennium Institute

DCarbon scope is to build a lasting legacy on sustainability in Egypt. To achieve this, we are continuously forming new partnerships with international organizations, civil society, think-tanks, the public and private sector, and other key stakeholders worldwide to exchange knowledge and expertise and advance its sustainable development-focused consulting and advisory services. In this context, we […]

Global Reporting Initiative GRI

DCarbon is pioneering in the field of sustainability in Egypt by partnering with Global Reporting Initiative-GRI Standards, the world’s most widely recognized and commonly used Sustainability Reporting framework. Since 2017, our company, as the only certified GRI training partner in Egypt and a GRI Gold Community member, has successfully introduced the concept of Sustainability Reporting in the […]

International Society of Sustainability Professionals-ISSP

“We are delighted to announce our new partnership/cooperation with the International Society of Sustainability Professionals-ISSP, the world’s leading professional association of sustainability practitioners.  DCarbon recognises how important it is for our market to integrate with international standards and the latest business practices and that there is no better way than by partnering with ISSP.   We, DCarbon, as […]